Is China After Our Oil and Gas Fields? written by Raissa Robles

If you are familiar with the song “Exodus”, it should go like this —

“These island are ours…
GOD gave these islands to us!”

Assuming that we finally acceed to bilateral talks with the Chinese, is there any chance of peace even after negotiations are concluded? What can our current or the next President do about our dilemma?

First, do we really know what has been happening in the West Philippine Sea or even in our Spratly Island group?


In 2014 when Sen Antonio Trillanes III was made a backdoor negotiator by Pres Pnoy on the Spratly Islands conflict, he had a meeting with US Ambassador Sonia Brady and he was reported by media with the leakage of the “confidential” and infamous “Brady Notes” to have berated, cursed and used very foul language against the lady Ambassador.

Local media was surely quick to cover the tiff between the then Senate Pres Johnny Ponce Enrile who lambasted Senator Trillanes for various offenses in handling his job, and in one mighty sweep, the seasoned JPE exonerated Manny V. Pangilinan to prevent the young Senator from requiring the businessman to appear in a Senate inquiry. But did media explain what caused this heated exchange?

As to why MVP would be asked to appear in a Senate inquiry, let us tackle that on some other opportune time because that would require a lengthy discussion of epic proportions.

Let’s get back to business and ask: Just why did the good-looking Senator act brazenly wild in that meeting with Ambassador Brady?

While we were all in the thick of territorial debates, Sen Trillanes discovered that China had completed building one natural gas well in each year beginning 2011, and at that time in 2014, all three (3) natural gas wells were not only operational but were already successfully drawing natural gas.

That’s correct. In the early 2014, China had been drawing natural gas FOR THE LAST THREE (3) YEARS!

And who were the partners of China? The giant Bechtel of USA contructed all the engineering works, while all of the three gas wells were being operated by Chevron of USA and Husky Energy of Canada which is also owned by a US conglomerate.


Woe to us. While the Philippines was ignorant of all this, our dear and loyal ally, the benevolent US of A whom we have always trusted, was surreptitiously sleeping with our enemy.

Trillanes further discovered that as early as fifteen (15) years ago, China announced in their daily newspapers that a total of TWELVE GAS WELLS were to be built in this area.

Now, what is next in the pipeline?


Could our Reed Bank be a part of this expansion?
Kindly read Raisa Robles’ article in its entirety.

Is China after the Philippines’ oil & gas fields?

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