Arms NOT For Sale?

​A certain Filipino-American advocate wrote,

“I’m sorry for him na hindi niya ma-kontrol yung bibig niya tsaka yung utak niya kasi it gives us a bad image as a nation.”

“Bad image for the Philippines”?

If anyone of those half-baked pseudo-Pinoys is so concerned about the Filipino image being “tarnished” in the eyes of his ilk, let us see then just how the USA has been treating our own Armed Forces amid our looming dispute with one of our neighbors:
US arms manufacturers Colt, Smith & Wesson, Ruger and Remington have supplied armaments to the US military for more than a century, but in 1985, Pentagon decided to start making drastic changes: first to replace the standard issue .45-caliber Colt-1911 pistol with the Beretta M9 from Italy and began using the 9mm NATO standard used in the whole of Europe; and they also went on to procure various types of armaments as well.
The American manufacturers went up in arms and launched a massive campaign to prevent this shift but failed as hundreds of thousands of handguns were bought from Italy, as well as from the famous brand Glock of Austria for the simple reason that their guns were not only cheaper but were much more efficient in the battlefield.
Until now, the standard gun issued to the US Special Forces is still foreign, the latest is the Glock9 from Austria, and a dozen more European models, while the Special Forces are awaiting the even better Glock19 and the Beretta XM-17.
After more than 20 years, the Philippines must be very lucky because my buddy generals in the Camp Aguinaldo Tennis Club who were the military officers tasked to evaluate and procure arms for the military were prohibited by the US to get any of these beauties from either Glock or Beretta, or from other reputable manufacturers.
SIG Sauer from Switzerland has supplied very good assault rifles to the NATO for many years; Heckler & Koch P11 underwater pistol made in Germany is much coveted; and the legendary Uzi machine pistol made by Israel is one of the most sought after; but if the majority of Congressmen acquired these guns, why does the US refuse our military to get these as well?
QUESTION: Just why were hundreds of these modern guns supplied to Yemen, not by the arms manufacturers, but by the US military? Hmm… Interesting indeed.
Since the time of the deposed President Marcos, our military forces have been attempting to get any of the SUPERIOR and CHEAPER Italian, Austrian, Swiss, German and Israeli rifles and handguns but of late, the very benevolent Uncle Sam has allowed us to buy only the inferior brand Taurus made in Brazil.
The MILF, MNLF and even the NPA are better equipped, with the Abu Sayyaf having recently upgraded its arsenal with the feared assault rifle AR-15.
As to the formidable Chinese armaments, let us refrain from discussing that for now so that we can possibly sleep more soundly tonight.


Perhaps, we can heave a sigh when my ordnance expert and armaments supplier Vin Lava said:

“The PNP is upgrading to Glock 17’s. Our local arms industry produces M-16 variants for the AFP. The larger calibered rifles come from abroad.

Actually, we have the talent, the knowhow, and the resources to produce top quality armaments. Getting them to market is another thing.”


FYI: Majority of the lawmakers mentioned above are no longer in office BUT they never returned those guns which were bought with people’s money and are therefore officially booked as government property.




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